Client & Project Reference

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia SEP has delivered more than 10,000 Relay & control, Metering, SAS, AMI Panels has commissioned more than 200 Substations modified more than 65 OHL feeder to UGC feeder for RIYADH – METRO Projects

Client Approvals

SEP is approved by National Grid, Royal Commission, Aramco, and SWCC for the supply following products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Control and Protection panels up to 380kV level
  • SAS panels with SEP SAS Solution based on ZENON software from COPA-DATA in the distribution sub stations (up to 33kV) in SEC-Southern Operating Area
  • SAS panels with Schneider, Alstom & SEL systems up to 380kV level
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Systems
  • SAS Console Desk for NG/SEC substation projects
  • Fiber Optic Patch Panels (FOPP)2

Our Clients