SEPSET is designed and tested as per new IEC standard 61439-2. This panel is available up to 6300A, 100kA 1 Sec, Form 4b.

Low Voltage Switchboards are mainly used for electrical power distribution and control. They are generally installed immediately after the power source (transformers or generators).

  • Electrical Characteristics

    • Rated insulation voltage up to 1000V

    • Main busbars rated from 630A to 6300A

    • Busbar short-circuit withstand capacity up to 100kA for 1 Sec / 50KA for 3 Sec

    • Neutral busbars rated up to 100% of the main busbar, Earth busbars rated up to 100% of the Neutral busbar.

  • Available Options

    • Forms of internal separation from Form 1 to Form 4b (Fully compartmentalized design).

    • Easy interchangeability of components.

    • Protection Class up to IP54.

    • Ambient temperature up to 55 °C.

    • Interface for Building Management System (BMS) for monitoring and controlling.

    • Tin Plating or Silver Plating for busbar

    • Bare Busbar or insulation by PVC sleeved.

    • RAL 7035 color as standard, other colors on request

  • Modular Construction

    • Compact and flexible modular design conserves space.

    • Customizable to special dimensions according to customer needs.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    • Compliant to IEC standards61439-1/61439-2/61439-3.

    • Designed to meet local technical standards, practices and requirements

  • Fully Knock-Down kits

    • Allows for easy dismantling and assembly, parts are joined by bolts and nuts, which eliminates need for welding process

  • Easy Access

    • Accessible from front / rear.

    • Cable entry from top / bottom with removable gland plates.

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